Deal Terms

  1. Seed Round of £2.5m.
  2. Valuation £7m.
  3. EIS & SEIS Investment Available.
  4. Options to Invest in BTC & ETH via Coinbase.

Invest now and when we scale you get two free holidays a year (budget £500 /with the option to upgrade)

£10k - £50k

10 Available

£50k - £100k

Invest now and when we scale you get 4 holidays a year (circa £1000/trip with the option to upgrade)

7 Available

When we scale, you and a friend travel the world via our platform, become a TripFindr ambassador with the tools (drones, cameras and technology) to make incredible content on your world trip. Or just enjoy the trip!

(With a monthly £10k x 2 budget, with an option to upgrade balance)

£500k - £1m+

3 Available

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Terms of Packages

These packages are only available when we hit £1.5m monthly revenue. 

Our packages are limited to a certain number due to our need to manage cashflow and investor numbers.

When you exit from TripFindr the packages will no longer be valid (you will still be invited to our friends of events and trips if available)

Upgrades will be completed within TripFindr Ltd and our related payment technologies. 

Trips will be covered under insurance policies provided by TripFindr Ltd

All packages will be offered a cost rates.

If not used within the alotted time period from issue the allocated budget will not follow onto the next period.

The budget can be made available to a family or friend. 

Alexander Gash (Founder) and the TripFindr Team x